Global Visual Effects and Digital Intermediate in 4k+, 3D and HD


Grading and finishing for HD, 2K, 4K and Stereo3D

What we do for you

We offer the next generation of non-linear color correction. It’s quite simply the ultimate color correction solution for HD, 2K, 4K and Stereoscopic 3D – proven on movies, commercials and programs in the hands of our colorists.

Our theater is setup with a fully loaded top of the line 4k/stereoscopic Quantel Pablo and equipped with a stereoscopic post production Barco projector and our legendary closed loop color calibration.

Built on 14 years of industry leading innovation Gradient Effects’s digital Intermediate department is at the forefront of the post production industry and has a heavy focus on talent, technology and end-to-end solutions for film and digital sourced projects of all types.

Ultimate quality

We always work with full resolution material in its original format and colorspace, whether it’s HD-RGB, 2K, 4K or CGI files – or a combination of them all. Our high quality processing ensures that the final look exactly matches the director’s vision. Resolution Co-existence means ultimate quality is maintained throughout the DI process as conversion to the target format(s) only happens on output.

Stereoscopic 3D

Gradient Effects revolutionary new stereo3D post production tools offer realtime handling of dual left eye/right eye high resolution media in 2K and 4K ; Our stereo3D toolset takes care of all the issues interactively – just what our clients expect.

Non-linear, multi-layer, in-context color correction

Gradient’s powerful color tools all run in a non-linear environment. It means that our colorist and clients can view every shot in its correct editorial and compositional context, transforming the entire post workflow into a fast, collaborative and creative process. Instant non-linear access to any part of the entire project means you can instantly see the way individual shot treatments work next to each other, even including dissolves or wipes. And Pablo does the whole job blindingly fast, putting the colorist in complete control.

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